The Academic and Community Section


The Academic and Community Section takes pride in students serving in the reserves and assists them in catching up with their studies. A student who was on reserve service or a student whose partner was absent due to his or her spouse's reserve service are entitled to tutorial lessons according to the regulations:

The purpose of the tutoring lessons is to help the student complete the material missed due to reserve service.

A student who is absent due to reserve service for 6 days or more in the semester will be eligible for one tutorial lesson (60 minutes), for each day of reserve duty in which he had actual classes but were absent.

The student will choose in which courses they want to receive the tutoring. Some of the lessons will be provided in groups.

The request for tutoring must be submitted within a week of the end of the reserve days by contacting through the Inbar system > Requests and approvals > Submitting an application > Academic tutoring > Tutoring for those who are eligible > Application for tutoring for reservists

The request must include confirmation of the actual days of reserve duty (reservists orders to army duty will not be accepted) and the student's schedule.

For the full reserve procedure, click here