The ‘Mechina’ – Preparatory program for new immigrants and tourists

דקורטיביThe Mechina for new immigrants is a preparatory program for students who come from around the world to study in Israel. The Mechina offers students a broad academic program, aimed at exposing them to academic study methods and preparation for subsequent studies at one of the Israel’s academic institutions. The program provides a warm atmosphere with particular sensitivity to the needs of Olim or tourists who have just arrived in Israel. The Mechina program runs twice a year:
Session A:

Begins in October and runs through the end of July, including exams[y1] .
Session B:

Begins in January and runs through mid-August, including exams[y2] .

Students at a Hebrew level of B or C must attend an intensive Hebrew Ulpan that begins in the summer months and runs for six weeks, ending about a week before the New Year holidays.

Required courses: Hebrew, English, mathematics, government, Land of Israel studies, and fundamentals[y3] .
Elective courses: sociology, economics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer applications.
In both sessions the Mechina begins with a six week intensive Hebrew Ulpan at different levels – from Level B until the exemption level.[y4]