The Office for Student Advancement and Success



Your success – is our mission!

Were you accepted to the degree that you so desired?
Congratulations! As of now our mission is to see you at the graduation ceremony.
That is the reason we are here.
Our task is to push you forward, prevent dropout, and, most importantly, reach the finish line with everyone just like everyone else.
In every academic institution, there are students who do not complete their studies. The phenomenon is familiar, known to us, and very frustrating.
For this purpose, there is a department for the advancement and success of the student.
We offer:

- Academic, social, and emotional support.
- Lectures and workshops on skill development and preparation for exams.
- Learning and social mentorships.
If you encounter academic, personal, or emotional difficulties during your studies and need assistance, please contact us.

Our department team is at your service:

Diana Levitan - Head of the Student Promotion and Success Department.
Yochi Haim - Academic and Social Coordinator.
Our door is always open for you.
Together, we will find the solution that will help you overcome difficulties and optimally succeed in completing your studies.
Contact info-Zoom: Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, between 10:00 - 12:00.
Phone: 03-5317640