Support for students with learning disabilities


Academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities

Students with learning disabilities are eligible for accommodations in their studies, in accordance with the particular issues and severity, and based on the following criteria:

  1. Students with learning disabilities must submit their MATAL assessment, valid for up to ten years from date of issue.
  2. Students diagnosed with ADHD must be evaluated in accordance with aforementioned requirements, and must also submit an attentional assessment (MOXO) or a medical evaluation by an specialist addressing to the severity of the disorder. The unit is authorized to require a MOXO/other inquiry in cases they deem appropriate.
  3.   A request may be submitted for validating an assessment that meets one of the following conditions (each evaluation will be considered independently):
    • assessments on the basis of which accommodations for the psychometric exam were given
    • assessments of students whose native language is a foreign language
    • assessments of high school students studying in a university program
    • assessments accepted by the Israel Bar Association or the Israel CPA Council
    • assessments of students studying at colleges under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University, for whom studies at Bar-Ilan are part of their study program for completing their degree
  1. The assessments that appear in item 3 above will be considered for validation under the following conditions:
    1. the assessment was conducted less than five years ago, and at that time the assessee was 17 or older (with the exception of high school students under the age of 17)
    2. the assessment includes standardized norms and quantitative findings for each test
    3. the assessment includes a clear diagnosis indicating a learning disorder
    4. the assessment includes findings indicating that the disorder affects academic function considerably
  2. If the assessment cannot be validated, the student will be required to take a MATAL assessment in accordance with the aforementioned requirements.
  3. New immigrant or tourist status students are requested to submit the documents they have.
  4. Requests for exam accommodations may be submitted one month prior to the beginning of the exam period through the In-Bar portal as follows: Requests and authorizations > Submit a request > Request for exam and coursework accommodations > Request for accommodations for a student with a learning disorder.

Academic support for students with learning disabilities

Students who submitted assessments per Bar-Ilan requirements and have been recognized as having a learning disorder by the Office of Student Support and Accessibility for exam accommodations, are eligible for academic assistance in the course of their degree program.

Academic mentorship

Students with learning disabilities are eligible for 10 hours of mentoring or tutoring per semester for a one-time annual fee of 50 ILS. Requests for mentorship may be submitted until one month  through the In-Bar portal, as follows: 

Requests and authorizations > Submit a request > Academic mentorship > Request for mentoring for a student with a learning disorder or ADHD.

Learning skills workshops

Students with learning disabilities are eligible for workshops that impart learning strategies such as: “Seeing myself as a student”, course learning strategies, strategies in studying for exams, test-taking strategies, time management,  . Workshop participation fee: 50 ILS.

Academic guidance

Students with learning disabilities who need assistance and guidance may obtain advice and guidance from the unit’s learning disabilities coordinator.

Learning center

The Office of Student Support and Accessibility operates a learning center, which includes spacious study rooms and a computer lab. Students with learning disabilities will find quiet rooms for study at the center and assistive technology solutions such as readers with selectable narrator voice, tone and sound; students with ADHD may also control background color and font to minimize distraction.