Admission Track for University Applicants from Peripheral and Diverse Populations


Applicants from social and geographical peripheries, graduates of Haredi (ultra-orthodox) educational institutions, individuals of Ethiopian origin, and candidates from the Arab society are eligible to submit a request for non-standard, exceptional admission to the university within the framework of the Preferential Access Project. This is applicable after receiving a rejection letter from the university.

Each request will be examined based on parameters including the candidate's personal background, events, and obstacles during high school, and more.

Criteria for submitting an application to the project:

1. Registration at the university and receipt of a rejection letter.

2. Applicants from social peripheries, geographical peripheries, and diverse populations up to the age of 30.

3. Candidates for a bachelor's degree with a high school diploma and psychometric score.

4. Candidates who have not commenced their academic studies at another educational institution.

Applications can be submitted from May to the end of July through the Inbar system (Submit Application > Registration and Acceptance > Acceptance within the framework of the Equal Opportunities Track (bachelor's degree). Choose the year 2024 on the top right.)

The university recognizes "worthy of promotion" scoring; the scoring form should be attached to the application request.

Students accepted through the non-standard, exceptional admission track will be eligible for tutoring.

For additional information, please contact Ortal Nahum, project coordinator:

The Feuerstein Academy Program

The Feuerstein Academy Program offers candidates from social and geographical peripheries and candidates of Ethiopian origin with high academic abilities the opportunity to take an alternative entrance exam to the psychometric exam. The selection exam serves as a tool to predict the candidate's learning potential, and a positive recommendation constitutes acceptance to the desired departments and study programs. Students accepted through this program are entitled to personal guidance and comprehensive support throughout their degree.

Criteria for submitting an application:

1. A High School average of at least 85.

2. A psychometric score gap of up to 100 points from the desired department.

3. A score of 85 in the English section of the psychometric/AMIR at least.

4. Meeting the requirements of the various departments.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Rachel Bayuch, project coordinator: