Admission Track to University for Applicants with Disabilities and/or Learning Disabilities**


The Support and Accessibility Unit operates an admission project for candidates with disabilities and/or learning disabilities that were rejected by the university for not meeting the required admission criteria.

Criteria for submitting applications to the project:

1. Registration at the university and receipt of a rejection letter.

2. Applicants with disabilities/learning disabilities up to the age of 30.

3. Applicants for a bachelor's degree, high school diploma and psychometric test. In departments and programs where admission is based solely on a high school grade, without the requirement of a psychometric score, applications from candidates without a psychometric score will also be accepted. These applications will be evaluated based on the high school grade and additional personal criteria.

4. Applicants who have not started their academic studies at any other academic institution.

Registration for the project opens in early May and closes at the end of July, provided that registration for the desired department is still open. After registration, the files are transferred for discussion with the Dean of Students, and in the second stage, they are transferred for discussion in the desired department. Candidates accepted within the project framework will be admitted to studies under scholarship conditions.

Registration for the project is done through the Inbar system as follows:

Requests and Approvals > Submission of Application > Registration and Acceptance > Exceptional Acceptance for Candidates with Disabilities.

בקשות ואישורים > הגשת בקשה > הרשמה וקבלה> קבלה חריגה למועמדים עם מוגבלות