Students of Ethiopian descent


Bachelor’s degree students of Ethiopian descent

The Department of Academics and Community promotes academic excellence among students of Ethiopian descent. The department assists candidates of Ethiopian descent who do not meet admission requirements to be admitted to studies in the various departments, and provides broad academic support throughout the degree, including personal coaching, tutoring and exam preparation.

Requests for academic assistance are to be submitted through the In-Bar portal: Main > Requests and authorizations > Submit a request > Select category:

Tuition scholarship:

The annual tuition scholarship for undergraduate students of Ethiopian descent in given via “Perach”.

Admission options for undergraduate students of Ethiopian descent:\

rack 1: Feuerstein in Academia program

The Feuerstein program offers applicants from the social and geographic periphery and applicants of Ethiopian descent who have high learning aptitudes to take a screening test as an alternative to the psychometric exam. The screening test serves as a tool to predict the learning potential of the applicant and its recommendation serves as admission to departments and areas of study that are in high demand. Students admitted to the program are eligible for personal coaching and an extended support framework throughout their degree.

Track 2: Affirmative action

Alternative admission option for Bar-Ilan students of Ethiopian descent:

Applicants of Ethiopian descent may submit a request for alternative university admission as part of the affirmative action program, after admission to the university has previously been denied. 

Graduate students of Ethiopian descent:

Fana program

The “Fana program encourages students of Ethiopian descent who have high learning aptitudes to continue to graduate-level degrees – a non-thesis master’s degree, a research-focused master’s degree with thesis or a doctorate. Students in this program obtain personal support, academic assistance, and an encouragement scholarship.


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