The MULA college-preparatory program


About the program:

MULA is a special program designed to enable curious, intellectual and highly motivated high school students to study in an academic environment and earn college credits in parallel to their studies. The program operates at several schools in collaboration with the Mofet non-profit organization.

Program goals:

  • to expose high school students to the academic world
  • to foster intellectual curiosity among high school students
  • to drive students toward excellence
  • to develop reading, learning and academic writing strategies
  • for outstanding students – to complete a bachelor's degree before military service
  • to encourage students to continue their studies toward graduate-level degrees

Program stages:

Stage 1:

The MULA course (Academy Readiness) is intended for 8th grade students and takes place at school. The course is a first step and basic precondition for participation in the academic track. Topics taught in the course: acquaintance with the academic world; developing creative thinking; imparting learning skills; and familiarity with the stages of academic research.

Stage 2: Accumulating general academic credits:

Students who completed the MULA course with a grade of 85 or higher may proceed with the 2nd stage of the program, taking up to three academic courses in the 9th through 10th grades. These courses will later be recognized for university credits.

Students may sign up with a particular university department if they so choose, subject to its admission requirements.

For further details, contact the program via email: