Students from Haredi institutions

דקורטיביThe Department of Academics and Community provides a support framework for students from Haredi institutions, with a deep understanding of the academic, financial, social and cultural needs of this population. The Haredi student coordinator is there to meet this objective, with an open door and a listening ear for issues that may arise during degree studies, to help overcome the challenges present in both the academic and the personal-social realms.

The support framework includes completion of core studies, one-on-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring, workshops on learning strategies, workshops in preparation for entering the Job market and integration into quality employment, aid and subsidies for required evaluations and therapy, etc.

Cultural activities aimed at Haredi students are held in accordance with the yearly and academic calendar, and include lectures, workshops, performances, and more.

Requests for tutoring are submitted through the In-Bar portal:

Main > Requests and authorizations > Submit a request > Select category: חונכות אקדמית- שיעורי עזר לזכאים>  בוגרי מוסדות לימוד חרדים

Program coordinator: Dina Mondrowitz

TEL: 077-3643587
WhatsApp: 052-6995120